Our year in pictures

2014 has been a great year for us. We traveled a lot, discovering mostly our neighbour Germany but also making a first African stop with Febe: Morocco. Our blog and website have grown a lot as well. Though in terms of travelblogging we are still very small, we are very gratefull that a total of 1360 people are following what we are up to. Thank you so much for that!
As most travel bloggers do, we have also made a little round-up of our past year. Those of you who follow us on twitter, Facebook or Instagram might have seen these come by the past week and a half, but we are lining them all up here as well.
It is a roundup of things a bit further away and closer to home. We feel very lucky living in rural Eksaarde, where the beauty of the countryside surrounds us and winds up our batteries every single day. We also work in the most beautiful city of Europe – maybe even the world – Gent. These two places mean so much to us, that a year in pictures wouldn’t be complete without them.
Tonight, after Christmas dinner, we are off to Berlin to celebrate Christmas in style: while traveling. See you soon!


January: warm colours at Graslei & Korenlei. (Gent – Belgium)


February: the Vrijdagsmarkt in under a blue winter sky. (Gent – Belgium)


March: staring at the miniature world below the Rheinturm . (Düsseldorf – Germany)


April: the tanners district in the souk. (Marrakech – Morocco)


May: family fun in Center Parcs Erperheide (Peer – Belgium)


June: flowers in Baggaertshof. (Kortrijk – Belgium)


July: our traveling family at a viewpoint. (Mosel Valley – Germany)


August: a lovely afternoon with friends. (near Sint Niklaas – Belgium)


September: we live in the countryside. Perfect with kids! (Eksaarde – Belgium)


Octobre: family fun at Center Parcs (near Eindhoven – The Netherlands).


November: living in the countryside means long dog walks, along the river Zuidlede. (Eksaarde – Belgium)


December: a wintery sunset above the empty fields. (Eksaarde – Belgium)


4 thoughts on “Our year in pictures

  1. Yes what an incredible year you’ve had! We’re about to take the little baby on his first trip abroad (Dominican Republic) and I’m so nervous about it! Do you have any past posts on tips for traveling w babies? I continue to be amazed by your traveling fam! Happy new year!

    • Hi! Thank you so much for your kind words :-) We actually started the blog after her baby age, so no posts on baby traveling. However: a few tips I can give :-) It’s best to make sure you have all your needed caring and nursing products with you (I’m thinking mostly about his brand of daipers, food if you are not breastfeeding, and any caring products, like moistorizing cream and stuff). Chances are you won’t find the same brands abroad. Most important: take medication with you. I always visit my pediatric doctor when traveling a bit further (like when we went to Morocco in April) and ask her what we should bring along. Next to fever meds she usually gives some other meds with us (antibiotics, something in case of dehydration, … ) and we can always consult our pediatric team at our hospital if an emergency should arise when we are abroad. Nothing ever happened to Febe when we were traveling, but it’s great to be prepared – keeps a mums mind at ease :-) A lot of sunscreen (factor 50 is the minimum), a sun hat and sun glasses are needed as well as something against mosquitos. And toys: most of all your baby will want to play with some items from home :-) If you have any further questions – don’t hesitate to ask (you can always e-mail me as well – annickhaentjens[a]telenet.be).

      • wow, thanks for this! my baby hasn’t needed any meds up until now but it’s better to be prepared than sorry! Great point on toys that remind them of home. And I definitely have sunscreen down, but am worried about using DEET products on baby skin. Am still doing research on alternatives. Thanks again!!

      • You’re welcome! DEET is off limits for young kids. We have a kidsafe repellant based on citronella. Just ask the apothecary what product is safe – it should be DEET free :-)

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