About us

Maarten, Annick & Febe are a Belgian family with a passion for traveling. Whenever possible, they set out to discover a part of our world, often taking Túrin, their fourth family member along with them. When traveling, they try to keep a focus on Unesco WorldHeritage sites, nature and wildlife, local people, food and traditions.

The idea for a travel website began to grow after Maarten received a book as a gift from Annick, containing all 878 UNESCO World Heritage Sites (at that time – 2010). They began to look into the list, and discovered they had seen quite a few already – and wanted to see many more.

At first the website was only focused on World Heritage. Later on, the need to add some travel pictures came. After all, when travelling, World Heritage is not their only focus. Later on, they decided to put up a travel blog as well- which is what you are looking at right now! Nowadays, the website ourworldheritage.be aims to build a bridge between all of this.

When not travelling, Maarten & Annick both work in a school for kids aged 12-18. Maarten teaches, Annick is a fulltime student councelor. Other big passions in their life are cooking, reading, gardening, gaming (both board & computer games) and soccer – not always in that order ;-) Lately Annick has gotten completely addicted to crochet as well. Check out her other blog: catstitches.


6 thoughts on “About us

    • That’s great! Thank you so much :-) I just read about it, and gladly accept :-) Cleaning my windows atm, but will get to it tonight :-)

      • Oh no worries, take your time. It took me at least a few days lol!
        Have a great day with sparkly windows :)

    • No, we haven’t! Asia is largely unexplored for us :-) We’ll keep your tip in mind if we ever get to Korea :-)

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