Our bucket travel list

A little while ago, Maarten & I decided to write down the things we still really want to see and really want to do…
We’ll update this list each time we’ve managed to tick a thing off!
This list was first uploaded in January 2014.


Roadtrip through Romania (M)
Roadtrip to Bulgaria (M)
Roadtrip through Slovakia (M)
Roadtrip through Poland (A+M)
Roadtrip through Slovenia (A+M)
Roadtrip through Croatia (A+M)
Amaze at the wonders of Ancient Greece (M)
Visit Bayreuth Opera house (Germany) (M)
Go to one of Wagner’s opera’s at Bayreuth opera house (M)
Go citytripping in Berlin (Germany) (A) (December ’14)
Visit Neuschwanstein (Germany) (A)
Stroll through the streets of Ephesus (Turkey) (M, A already was here)
Citytrip in Istanbul (A+M)
See the stone sculptures of Nemrut Dagi (Turkey) (M)
Fly in a hot air balloon over Capadocia (Turkey) (A+M)
Go citytripping in Andalusia (Spain) (A+M)
Camp out on Iulissat glacier (Greenland) (A+M)
Roadtrip through Wales (A – M did this)
Roadtrip through Scotland (A)
Roadtrip through Ireland (A – M did this)
Roadtrip through Norway (A – M did this)
Go island hopping around the Greek islands on a cruise (A)
Swim in an Alpine lake (A – M did this)
Take a Hurtigruten cruise in Northern Europe (A)
Go wolfspotting in Sweden or Finland (A)
See the Northern Lights (A+M)
Take some ski lessons (A)
Try out snowboarding (A)
Ice skate on natural ice – preferably in Northern Europe (A – M already did this in Belgium)
Take a natural hot bath in Iceland (A)
Visit the North Cape (A+M)
Gaze at the prehistoric cave drawings in AltaMira & Lascaux (M)
Climb Mount Teide (Tenerife) (M)
Spot the European Big Five (Brown Bear, Wolf, Wolverine, Lynx and Wisent) in their natural habitat (A+M)


Discover South-Africa (incl. Kruger Park) (A+M)
Go island-hopping in the Seychelles (A+M)
Hold a coco-de-mer (Seychelles) (A+M)
Gaze at the Victoria Falls (Zambia) (M)
Roadtrip through Madagascar (M)
Discover Tunisia (M)
Visit the temples of Egypt (M, A already was here)
Visit the pyramids of Egypt (M)
Take a desert tour in Egypt (A+M)
Discover Ethiopia (incl. seeing Oryx in the wild) (M)
Take a safari in Serengeti (Tanzania) (M)
Visit the Namib desert (A+M)
Go citytripping in Marrakech (Morocco) (A+M) (April ’14)
Visit the Atlas Mountains  (A) (April ’14)
Discover Mauritius (A+M)
Take a safari (A – M already took a safari)
Camp out in the desert (A+M)
Snorkle in the Indian Ocean (A – M did this)
See a mountain gorilla in the wild (A+M)
See a rhino in the wild (A+M)
Visit the Okovangodelta (Botswana) (M)


Roadtrip through Jordan (A+M)
Roadtrip through Israel (M, A already was here)
Gaze at the islamic architecture in Iran (incl. Persepolis) (M)
Snorkle in the Red Sea at least once again (A) or first time (M)


Discover Japan (A+M)
Visit the temples of China (M)
Walk on the Chinese wall and visit the terracotta army (A+M)
Discover Cambodia (including Angkor Wat) (A+M)
Discover India (including the Taj Mahal) (A+M)
Discover Uzbekistan (including Samarkand) (A+M)
Roadtrip through Mongolia (A+M)
Sleep overnight in a ger (Mongolia) (A+M)
Go volcano spotting in Borneo (Indonesia) (A+M)
Visit Nepal  (A+M)
Go on a walking holiday in the Himalayas (A+M)
Walk about the Red Square of Moscow (A – M did this)
Visiting Dmitri Shostakovich’s grave in Moscow (Novodevichy) (M)
Seeing a tiger in the wild (A+M)
Seeing a giant panda in the wild (A+M)
Having a close encounter with a Komodo Dragon (A+M)


Snorkle in the Great Barrier Reef (Australia) (A+M)
See the opera house of Sydney and eat fresh seafood in the harbour (Australia) (A)
See Mount Uluru (Australia) (A+M)
Discover Papua New Guinea (A+M)
Discover New Zealand  (A+M)


Go citytripping in New York (A)
Go bearspotting in Canada (A)
Camp alongside the Grand Canyon and swim in the Colorado river (A+M)
Go hiking in Yellowstone national park (A)
Go fossile hunting in the Burgess shale (M)


Visit the Maya temples in Mexico (A+M)
Discover Saint Lucia (Carribean) (M)
Discover Dominica (Carribean) (M)
Discover Costa Rica (M)
Discover Hawaii (A)


Camp out in the Amazon forest (including seeing a Tapir + Amazon dolphin here) (A+M)
Gaze at Chan Chan (Peru) (M)
Walk to Machu Picchu (Peru) (A+M)
Visit the Galapagos island (A+M)


Swimming with whale shark / other shark (A+M)
Seeing a dugong and/or manatee in the wild (A+M)
Seeing a rock hyrax in the wild (M, A already saw this)
Go paragliding (A)
Mush a pack of huskies (A)
Go ice climbing (A)
Make a kayaking trip in Canada, Sweden or around tropical islands (A)
Go canyoning (A)
Go wild water rafting (A)
Visit Antarctica (A – M did this)
Volunteer in a wildlife centre (A+M)
Go on a cycling holiday (A)
Go on a canalboat holiday (A)
Go on a sailboat holiday (A)
Swim with dolphins (in the wild) (A+M)
Go on a whalespotting trip (A+M)
Take a long roadtrip with a camper (A)
See a polar bear in the wild (A+M)
See monkeys  in the wild (A – M did this) (Ouzoud Falls, Morocco – April’14)

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