China Light Festival – Zoo Antwerpen

The zoo in Antwerpen is the oldest zoo of Belgium. For this winter, they are celebrating the holidays the Chinese way: with a light festival. We decided to check it out and didn’t regret it. A big part of the zoo is illuminated with all kinds of animals, making it a light festival both adults and children can enjoy.

2014-12-23 18.04.07
2014-12-23 18.38.16
2014-12-23 18.38.30
2014-12-23 18.51.10
2014-12-23 19.15.36
2014-12-23 19.18.40
2014-12-23 19.30.39
2014-12-23 19.33.51
2014-12-23 19.37.03

We entered at 18.00, when the festival opens, because we wanted to get back at a decent hour for Febe. If you are not going with small children, I would advise to go a bit later to avoid the crowd at the opening. It’s best to book your tickets in advance, because it has been sold out a couple of times. The China Light Zoo runs untill 18/01/2015.

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