A new season!

Dear readers

A new season has started. Fall might be our favourite one, certainly when the weather is this good. We’re enjoying nice sunny days with 20°C and all the foliage is doing it’s best to look as colourfull as possible. We can’t complain!

Next month we have two trips to the North of France on our planning: we’ll be going to Eurodisney and spend five days in the area of the Vosges. Looking forward to both breaks!
As for the updates the past couple of months, here we go!
With only one post to go (with some practical tips for going to Bali), we’ve almost covered the entire trip.

Our latest post about this stunning island should convince you to book the next flight!

What to do – and what to avoid – in Bali? There are a lot of tourist traps you want to stay clear off when going there.

Read the full post here!

The snorkeling we did in Bali was absolutely amazing. I think it will be hard to beat that… We snorkeled around a shipwreck with thousands of fish and snorkeled together with giant manta rays. What an experience!

Read all about it here!

Ofcourse we wouldn’t be ourworldheritage if we didn’t blog about the Unesco World  Heritage of our destination.
All about the stunning temples on this island, where religion is a big part of everyday life!
Those who know us, know we like to go camping. We camped in colder temperatures for the first time last year, when we brought the tent to Wales. Though it was certainly more challenging than pitching your tent under the summer sun, it is possible to camp & stay warm. Even with a 6 year old!
We wrote up a blogpost about all the material you need to go on an adventure like that.
For the next month, blogpost about Buenos Aires, Antarctica, Santorini and the best travel apps around are planned…
We wish you a lovely Indian Summer time!

Annick, Maarten & Febe
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