July updates

Hi everybody!

Another month has passed by. This means another roundup of our activities on the blog!

While Annick was busy making a picturebook of our Morocco trip (our goal is to be up to date with those by the end of 2016, a goal we will most likely not be able to reach!), Maarten continued his popular series about Antarctica. Two more blogpost were published this month:
     Read the post
We also published two more traveling family interviews. The series is quite popular amongst our readers. We’ve got a few more lined up, but that’s for after our trip ;-)
     Read the post
     Read the post
July also brought us our second guestpost, this time taking our readers to another part of the world that is undiscovered by us, Norht America. A brief introduction giving you some tips on kidstravel in some important cities. 
     read the post
Some blog news
Our blog has reached a whopping 10 000 visitors last month… Hurray! We got popular in Virginia this time around! 
We’ve updated our instagram feed on the blog. When you scroll down, on the right you see not only our feed, but also Febes feed. Those of you who have been following our blog for a while, know that she has begun taking pictures in Morocco, when she was 3. She loved it. She’s now older, and mums got a new camera… so she inherited the old one! She is so fond of Instagram (one of her favourite things to do on mums phone is browse the feed and give likes), so it was only a small step to create an account for her. 
We’re almost off to South Africa and that means we’ll be posting live on both accounts to document our trip. If you don’t follow us on social media, check the starting page of our blog daily to stay up to date – no registration needed to view our instagram pictures over there (click on them to enlarge them). A (not clickable) sample of what you can expect below! 
That’s all for this month…
See you in the beginning of September!
Annick, Maarten & Febe

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