May updates

Hello everybody!
The last day of May already. Time to make our monthly roundup of posts for you!
The last posts about Slovenia
And we promise to completely shut up about it after this ;-)
We also blogged about Rovinj, which is the same trip – but a different country ofcourse: How to make the most of your visit to Rovinj

Our first foodtruckfestival
It’s a hype, those foodtruckfestivals. Now that we have been to one, we understand why. Great food, lovely atmosphere, and not that expensive to eat out as a family or with a group of friends. Who needs more reasons?
Check out our experiences at Cuisine Machine!
Traveling families
This month 4 traveling families shared their wisdom with our blog. Meet them all:
We’ve got more interview lined up for you next month…
Inspirational travelquotes 
On Instagram we shared a lot of travelquotes the past period. We decided to wrap them up in one blogpost. Just to give you an excuse to travel more ;-)
Our first competition!
This month we held our first competition on our Facebook page. We gave away a travel journal. Stefanie Delarue was the lucky winner! Congratulations!
We have a couple of items listed to give away in the next few months. So if you’re not following us there yet, make sure you do!
An older post renewed
Those of you who follow us from the older days, will know that our first website consisted of short updates about the worldheritage sites we had visited. We decided to brush up these older posts into the new blog. That means converting them from a review to a blogpost. This month we did just that with the Unesco listed city of Amsterdam. We share our must-sees of this lively city. Read all about it here.
And a new series started…

Almost there! We also started a new series of blogposts, about the trip Annick made to Israel a few years back.
The Dead Sea versus the Red Sea is our first post.
Coming up in June

While June is traditionally a very busy month for us, we are planning to blog about our recent camping trip to the Veluwe (we took our dog Túrin with us in the tent – both dog and tent survived), more about Israel is coming up and we will share some traveltips from traveling families.

Stay updated – and if you read a post you like, we would really appreciate it if you shared it on Facebook or Twitter… It helps to build up our audience. Like they say… Sharing is caring :-)

Wishing you all a good month of June – for us Belgians hopefully with football glory & better weather!
Annick, Maarten & Febe

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