July – August – September updates!!!

Hello everyone!
It has been quite a while, but here we are again with an update of our activities since July.
First of all, we proceeded with converting our Italian blogposts into the new layout. Our newest additions are:
1. An account of the prehistoric nuraghe of Sardegna.
2. Some impressions of maybe the most beautiful city in Europe: Firenze.
In July and August, we went on holiday to Slovenia and, unexpectedly, Croatia. We managed to add a few blog posts about that trip already:
1. A report about a very hot day in Germany’s Regensburg.
2. Our visit to the mercury mine of Idrija, Slovenia.
3. In Croatia, we visited the impressive Euphrasian Basilica of Poreč.
4. Just finished! The beautiful necropolis in Šempeter.
I hope you enjoy these additions and we hope to find enough time to add many more in the next month(s)!
Safe travels!
Maarten, Annick and Febe.

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