May updates

Hello everybody!

As May has passed, it’s time for our second update since the release of the new website. Last month was a great month for us: we broke all visitor records by reaching 3782 visitors in the month of April! Completely stunning! Other than that we have also reached 500 followers on Twitter and 100 on Facebook… we are doing good!
Last month we did a lot of updates, this month work on the website was somewhat slower. Not only has spring arrived (meaning a lot of work to do in the garden), it’s also the end of schoolyear (we are tired in the evenings) and we had some slight setbacks (internet didn’t work for 5 days and Annick had to fix a bug in our commentbox system, meaning she had to devote a lot of time to that instead of new updates).
Here is an overview of what we did post.
Morocco was completely transferred into the new layout. With stunning pictures of both the Majorelle Gardens andOuzoud Falls the trip overview was completed.
In April we took a few days out with Maartens family to celebrate his fathers 70th birthday. We went to the South of Belgium, to the lovely Ardennes. Despite a very wet and cold spring we were blessed with amazing weather to re-discover the area around Bouillon. Febe amazed everybody by walking almost 10km and we enjoyed the nature break a lot!
Two blogposts take you with us: the caves of Han Sur Lesse and hiking around Bouillon.
Maarten has started transferring Italy. It will certainly take a while before that country is completed: we visited Italy quite often already and the country bursts with World Heritage. While in the old layout the focus was on our opinion and some pictures (often not more than 4), in the new layout all visits will be transferred into a complete blogpost, giving much more detail on the trip. Worth taking a look, even if you’ve seen it before ;-) The first complete page was one of his favorite sites of all time: the Etruscan necropole of Tarquinia, a World Heritage site we discovered by accident.
During the long weekend break mid May, we did some day excursions. One of them was to Keukenhof, a place that was on Annicks wishlist for quite some time now. It was complete tulipmania… and well worth a visit if you are into those flowers!
With Keukenhof The Netherlands was opened as an extra country on the new website. Annick has the plan to transfer all our old posts about our neighbouring country into the new layout the coming weeks, but started off with a new one: the Wadden Sea. World Heritage since 2009, but somehow up untill now we completely missed the fact that one of us had actually been there – or that it even was World Heritage. An update on a week sailing with 150 teenagers (sorry, no juicy stories, it is a travelblog afterall…) can be read here.
That’s all for now!
See you next month!

Annick, Maarten & Febe

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