April newsletter – ourworldheritage.be

Hi everybody!

With the launch of our new layout, we have been busy. As we told you guys in our last newsletter, we are transferring all our previous blogposts into the new layout. So far we have been able to transfer the 4180km roadtrip to Finland Annick took in 2005 and almost our complete trip of Morocco from last year. Both countries are now available in the menu.

In addition to that, we’ve added a new feature to the website: the item kidstravel. We’ve noticed that a lot of people follow us because we travel with Febe – and reactions on social media have shown us that we are inspiring to a lot of young parents out there. We’ve written a couple of blogposts on the subject before (two of them have already been transferred as well) and would like to add some more later on…
Something else we want to do with the website is write about all those destinations we hadn’t written about yet, and there are quite a few of those. The past month Annick has written about our trip to Guadeloupe, which has resulted in 4 new blogposts:
We’ve also bought some new travel gear for our summer roadtrip to Slovenia, which resulted in a first hyperlapse movie. You can view it on our homepage!
The new website is a lot more popular than the old one, which makes us smile ofcourse. In March we broke our monthly visitor record and received 1808 visitors. This month, we’ve already broken that record again and it’s only the 19th ;-)
We could use some extra followers on Facebook though – the one social media platform that is running a bit behind for us. Are you on Facebook? Do us a favour – like our page and if you see a post passing by that you find interesting – share it with your followers. Sharing is caring :-)
Coming up next month:

– finishing of the Morocco blogposts
– transferring at least one country into the new layout
– some new blogposts about our minitrip to the Ardennen last week
– …

Many greets and hope you are all well!

Annick, Maarten & Febe

Mangroves in Guadeloupe.

Mangroves in Guadeloupe.


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