Working on a new layout


We are currently working on a new layout for our website. Blogging here has been a great ride so far, but we also have a regular website (, focussing on the World Heritage sites we visited. We feel like we put a lot of work into that one and it’s not that noticed at all. So we decided to merge the two sites – also because the wordpress site will run out of space in about a year or so.
So far the past two days we have been working on the layout and the general look and feel of the site. We have now managed to transfer 11 pages into the new layout (at this point we need to do 205…). We won’t press ourselves in merging the sites, so we have no idea when we will launch the new site. In the mean time we will keep on blogging here, but we won’t be updating the regular website. And at some point we will invite all of you to join us at our new spot – and we hope you will all do so :-)

For now: what are your first thoughts on the new layout? We like it – a lot!


2 thoughts on “Working on a new layout

    • Still working on it (slowly). Have no idea when it will be finished, there’s so many other things we want / need to do as well :))

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