Winter delights – part 2!

Yes, yes. Our liquor had stood in the closet for 3 weeks; so it was time to follow up on the recipe.

2014-10-08 17.33.10

Don’t trhow away the squeezed nuts and lime peels. Put them aside in a bowl and add 500 ml of water for each bottle of liquor you’re about to make. Let that rest for an hour.

2014-10-08 17.45.19

2014-10-08 19.06.55
Pour the water and the hazelnut / lemon squeeze through the filter cloth again and squeeze thorough. Pour the water in the bottles. Fill up the rest of the bottles with plain water.
2014-10-08 20.03.28
After 6 more weeks all the sugar should be dissolved and you can finally taste the liquor. It is worth the wait, believe me!


2 thoughts on “Winter delights – part 2!

    • They are. We made the recipe once before to try out and made 1 liter. We went for 4 this time… Sais enough I think :-)

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