#FriFotos – Night theme

Ok; so we haven’t been really busy over here lately. The reason for that is quite simple: it’s the end of schoolyear. It means a lot of deadlines have to be met and it also means that Maarten has to wrestle through a ton of exam copies to grade… In the mean time, Annick has started up a new hobby which has taken up A LOT of her time. We have the vague idea to try to get up to date before we head of to Germany in the beginning of July… but we’re thinking it’s probably not at all realistic ;-)

So, you have a ton of blogposts and updates from Morocco still coming up, and oh yes, we still need to cover Düsseldorf, Center Parcs and Kortrijk as well. See. Not realistic.

Anyway; todays is Friday and that means #FriFotos on twitter. I have been neglecting that a bit lately, but couldn’t resist todays theme: night. Gent is so wonderfull at night. One of the pictures I’m really proud of is the one I’m posting for this weeks theme. I had seen a similar pic by a guy with way more professional material than I have… and decided to give it a go with my Powershot as well. I was really happy with the result!

Gent in all it's glory!

Gent in all it’s glory!



3 thoughts on “#FriFotos – Night theme

    • I used night scène, without the flash. Took the picture with a tripod, and enhanced the brightness a bit in photoshop later on :-)
      If you ever get to Gent – we must meet up! And you are welcome to surf our couch (we don’t live in Gent anymore, but pretty closeby – and it’s not an actual couch but a spare 2 persons bed :-p)

      • Thanks guys :-) We will definitely be in touch if we ever get there!!!
        Thanks for the tip on the camera. Will have to play around with our camera and settings more!

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