Capturing Gent by night

Lately I’ve been dragging my camera along pretty much the whole time. Lucky for me, I have a Canon Powershot A640 – so it’s pretty compact ;-)
I’ve always liked taking pictures, but got really addicted when I got my smartphone a couple of years ago. Suddenly I had a camera on me all the time. But that smartphone is getting a bit older, and when I try to use the camera now, he just reboots. And reboots. And reboots. And I missed having that camera on me…

A couple of weeks ago I decided to just take my Powershot along with me. It’s a little less flexible than a flat phone to pop out, but I get by. Since then I’ve mainly been practicing on sunsets and night photography, because those are the times I’m mostly outside in wintertime. This blogpost will show you some pics I took in Gent on my way to work, and today, when Maarten, Febe & me visited the Christmas market around the three towers.

Hope you enjoy them! Share your thoughts through a comment :-)



The meathouse in the morning.


Korenlei in the morning.


Belfry in the morning. The Belfry is Unesco World Heritage.


Coupure in the morning.


Christmas market around the three towers.


Graslei & Korenlei, viewed from the St. Michielsbridge.


The Giant Wheel & our Belfry.


Gerard de Duivelsteen.


4 thoughts on “Capturing Gent by night

    • Thanks! I’m quite happy with the result. Number 6 is my favourite as well. It’s our favourite spot in Gent as well. In summertime, the riverbanks are full of people enjoying ice-creams, a beer or just chatting away :-)

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