Cyclone Cleopatra destroys Sardinia and kills 17

Just read this devastating message in my inbox. Our thoughts go out to the whole island, but most of all to the wonderfull people we have met on our trip last summer. I hope they are all safe & sound!

Cyclone Cleopatra Crushes Sardinia. Sardinia is in a state of emergency and needs your help!

The death toll from yesterday’s devastating cyclone Cleopatra is 16. Today the entire island is in chaos and tears. The Gallura was the hardest hit by gale force winds and extreme rain. Olbia is in an extreme state of emergency with the majority of the town submerged under water. The coastal town of Torpe has been fully evacuated by the mayor.

A lot of people are contacting me asking if I’m okay and I appreciate the outpouring of kindness and support. My area was not affected by the storm like it was in other parts of the island. We did see torrential rain for a solid twelve hours, lightning so sharp and bright, and thunder that made the walls shake.

I want to help those affected, and I need to physically help those affected by this natural disaster. The best I…

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4 thoughts on “Cyclone Cleopatra destroys Sardinia and kills 17

  1. I would have never guessed cyclones would hit that area. Rain / flooding, OK, but a cyclone – in my mind this is something that doesn’t happen in Europe, and I would indeed say: the weather all over the world is changing. And it worries me.

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