Every season has its glory…

… and so does fall :-) Today we went out on a beautiful, sunny day and took a pretty challenging 14,7 km walk near Gent. Challenging, because we are not walking alone: we had the dog (neverending energy, pulls his leash even after nearly 15 km!) along with us and a stroller with 13,5 kg of precious load in it. Febe did walk some bits now & then, but ofcourse her little legs can’t handle the full loop.

The walk took us to the area of Bachte-Maria-Leerne, very close to Gent, making this an ideal getaway for those who visit the city & want to see a bit more of the surrounding environment. It’s situated for a big part along the waters of the river Leie, the old river banks of the Leie and the Schipdonkchannel. It is suitable for strollers, and thus mostly on hard underground.

The following pictures will show you that you don’t always have to travel very far to enjoy a beautifull surrounding. Sometimes your home country is underestimated, and many people – including a lot of travel addicts – don’t take enough time to discover its beauty. Maybe the best tip I can give you is never stop travelling, even if it’s just a few kilometres away. Explore all you can! You won’t regret it :-)


The start of our walk, near the castle of Ooidonk.

The start of our walk, near the castle of Ooidonk.


Castle of Ooidonk.


In Belgium, cows are never far away on rural walks.


With a biologist as a dad, there’s always a funny plant fact to explore ;-)


Walking is fun, even when you’re 3 :-)


The old riverbanks of the Leie. This river also runs through Gent.


Weeping willows & their reflections.


The ‘new’ riverbanks of the Leie, constructed to allow larger ships on the river.


Do-it-yourself ferry crossing.


It looks harder than it was :-)


On the Leie.


Enjoying the view.


The ferry gets towed across the river on cables.


Some curious sheep…


… goats and a lama or two :-)


Next waterway: the Schipdonkchannel, for very large boats :-)


Enjoying an outdoor lunchbreak!


Typical Flemish landscape.


Typical Flemish landscape.


And very typical Flemish – you always (!) see churches.


Getting away from the water.


Or not? :-) Cockers will always be cockers!


Countryside near Vosselaere.


A donkey greeting us!

For those of you who want to do the walk themselves:
start at the church of Sint-Maria-Leerne, with your back at the church, turn right for the start of the walk. Follow the map below ;-)

The path for strollers or wheelchairs takes the detour between point 3 & 4 (dotted line).


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