When you see numerous bullet holes in road signs…


When you get stuck in a flock of sheep each time you go grocery shopping…


When you see village walls beautifully covered with huge murals…


When you encounter traditional (carnival) festivities or associated costumes…


When you constantly come across round prehistoric buildings made out of huge piled rocks…


When with every type of food you consume you have to eat a piece of Pane Carasau…


When you go swimming in amazingly cristal clear water resembling the Caribbean…


When the lower part of (almost) every tree you see has been stripped of its bark…


You must be in Sardegna.

We have enjoyed this wonderfull island for the past few weeks, and are going to take you on a little online journey to it the next few weeks. If by that time your next flight isn’t booked to Olbia, Alghero or Cagliari, we don’t get you ;-)

– A & M –


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