A bit of summer on our plate

This year my husband got me a very nice cookbook for Christmas, about the Sardinian cuisine. If you follow us on twitter, you might have noticed that we are planning quite a big trip to discover this island next summer.

As – next to travelling – eating good food is one of our biggest passions in life, I couldn’t wait to try a recipe out. I made one last night, called “Spigola in crosta di patate”, and for the fun tweeted about it while I was making it. This blog once started out with a recipe, and ever since I haven’t put up a second one. About time I did – because eating food from a different cuisine than yours is, in a way, travelling as well ;-)

The needed ingredients.

The needed ingredients.

Needed to serve 4: about 1kg of sea bass (I used two smaller ones for the 3 of us, as you can see above), 2 tomatoes, dried oregano, 4 table spoons of olive oil, tinfoil, 4 potatoes, salt and pepper, a branch of rosemary and some parsley (to garnish)

Ask your fish merchant to clean the fish (remove bowels, scale and bones), but leave the two parts of the fish attached to eachother, because you need to fill them up.

First, make a cross in the bottom of the tomatoes. Boil about a liter and a half of water and dip the tomatoes in untill the peel opens up. Get them out, remove the peel and seeds and cut the tomatoes up into small pieces. Add salt and a large teaspoon of dried oregano. Peel the garlic, cut into small pieces and add this to the tomatoes. Add the olive oil and stir well. Preheat your oven on 200°C.

Lay out a big piece of tinfoil (big enough to add fish and vegetables and be able to close it) and drip a bit of olive oil on it.

Wash & peel the potatoes and cut them into very thin slices. Put a layer of potatoes on the tinfoil, and sprinkle some salt on them.

02Sprinkle salt on the inside of your fish and lay it across the potatoes. Fill it with the tomatoe mix and close the fish. Now, add another layer of potatoes on top of the fish, and try to cover the sides a bit as well. Sprinkle salt and pepper on top of them, as well as another big teaspoon of oregano and put the branch of rosemary on top. Sprinkle some olive oil over the fish and close the tinfoil.


Ready to go in the oven!

Ready to go in the oven!

Cook the fish for about 30 minutes in the preheated oven. Turn the oven off, but leave the fish to rest for about another 5 minutes. Serve, with some parsley on top of it.



As you can see above, I added some baked potatoes, a leftover from the day before ;-) This is, ofcourse, not necesarry since you already have some potatoes in this dish. You could add a fresh, mixed green salad if you like.

Hope you like it – we did!



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