The must-see spots of Italy

This afternoon I saw a tweet from @LonelyPlanet, about an article that lists up the must-see spots of Italy. You must know that I simply adore Italy. I have only been in Italy four times, but I have fallen in love with the country & it’s atmosphere from the very first minute I set foot there. That was back in 1995, when I was 14 years old.

I started reading the article – if you like, you can as well, right here – and between the two of us, Maarten & I can almost check off the complete lists of highlights. And if it hadn’t been for the very disturbed ferry service between Napels & Sardinia, we would have added two more to the list this summer (Napels & Amalfi coast). No harm done, that’s just another reason to get back there one day ;-)

Apart from gorgeous people – Italy is the only country I have visited where it can be over 40°C and the women still stroll around in an elegant dress on high heels looking like they have just come out of the shower – wonderfull food & stunning scenery, Italy is stuffed with World Heritage. It’s just everywhere you look. You can’t go to Italy without seeing any…
This summer we will pass through part of Italy (all the way down to just north of Rome) and add some more to our list. But this blogpost will just simply show you the ones we have already visited, and these are also the highlights according to Lonely Planets article.

Escape the winter cold (if you’re in Europe that is) and dream away with us.

Milan – Duomo 


Lago di Garda

Our flat overlooking Lago di Garda.

Our flat overlooking Lago di Garda.

garda (139)

Village alongside Lago di Garda


venetie 123

venetie 001Cinque Terre

garda (86)

garda (83)

Florence – no pictures here (another reason to go back!) – just the link to our website





Vatican City
(read more on our infopage)



Tuscany – Pisa



Umbria – Assisi




You can read various reviews on this site on our worldheritage pages about Italy and Vatican City. Most of the sites above are in fact Unesco World Heritage. Enjoy!



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