Heading to see new worldheritage…

To start of our summer holidays, we are going to Amsterdam for 4 days. It will be a memorable trip for multiple reasons.

First of all – we are going couchsurfing. For the very first time. A friend of mine got me all enthousiastic about this way of travelling, and I’m really looking forward to it. We will be staying with Constantijn in Monnickendam, which seems a nice town to stay… And we’ll even get to see a sailing race the weekend we arrive :-) For those of you who’d like more info on couchsurfing – visit www.couchsurfing.org . If you’d like to find us there, here’s a direct link to our profile. Always welcome to discover rural Eksaarde, or – more likely to your interest – Gent ;-)

Secondly, it will be our first citytrip with a toddler. Now, Febe loves walking. She loves to be inside the stroller as well. And we once did a museum with her last year, which got her overly enthousiastic. Then again, it was a photography exposition with huge pictures of food, she loved it. I don’t know if she’ll be as convinced seeing a Van Gogh or a Rembrandt – but we’ll see. Still have to figure out how exactly to keep her away from touching the paintings… I’ll have to keep a close eye on her ;-)

And thirdly, we’ll see some brand new (for us anyway) worldheritage. Some that is apparantly pretty hard to find ;-) We are looking into the Defense Line of Amsterdam – a system of forts and canals, locks and the possibility to flood sections as a defense system. The forts are scattered alongside the defense line, and I wonder if we’ll find them. We’ve been browsing Google this evening (all hail to street view – to check if the forts are actually visible or kept away from sight because of trees), and it all looks quite rural to me… Will make a remarkable trip no doubt :-)

Sector Ilpendam

On our way back we also plan a stop to see the Mill Network at Kinderdijk / Elshout, another Unesco World Heritage Site – one that looks quite pittoresque to me. Afterall – nothing that says the Netherlands more than windmills. Right?

keeping her fingers crossed on not to much rain…

PS – follow our twitter – we’ll tweet often during our trip!


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