Short note – Researching Sardinia

OK, first a short note on why I present you with this short note:

I am suffering of a rather painful case of tonsillitis, so my doctor wrote me home for the week (not that I am planning to stay home all week: my students start their exams on Thursday, and I NEED to be there at that time) and I am living on antibiotics and painkillers now. Yesterday, I was a sorry excuse for a man: just laying in my bed all day, feeling miserable. Today, swallowing food and liquids is going better (hooray!), and I feel well enough to stay up all day. Not well enough to run around or actually do active stuff though…

So I decided to look up some information on our next holiday destination: Sardinia (Sardegna – Italy – Europe – you know, that silly part of the world where entire countries go bankrupt because they spent too much money they didn’t have, or something like that…).


Next summer (I mean 2013, not this year), we are planning to go to Sardinia. Our criteria were simple: we want beaches, culture, good weather (don’t have that here in Belgian summers…) and good food. And a place nearby, because we travel with our little, lovely toddler. As we always had great holidays on Islands, we came up with Sardinia.

My wife gave me some nice Sardinia travel guides for our wedding anniversary and, obviously, I went through them several times and started to make a small word document with some practical information and a list of things I would like to see or do, each with a small picture I took from the wwweb. That’s just me: planning a holiday is at least (!) half of the fun for me. My wife is more the impulsive, easygoing, adventurous type of traveler, but I am a planner. That’s how we complement each other ;-)

So today I decided to do some extensive research on the island, using my books and the wwweb, and add to my word file. But the more I look up, the more links I get to other great aspects of this wonderful place.


It has it all:

1. Ancient culture, from prehistoric (e.g. Nuraghi towers, dolmens… They even have a kind of Ziggurat-like pyramid structure: mindblowing!) to Roman/Phoenician/Punic architecture (numerous great ruins), great Roman churches.

2. Quiet, Medieval towns. I always love the atmosphere in such places (reminding me of Aigues-Mortes in the South of France).

3. A very rugged and yet diverse coastline, even with some nice beaches and cosy, hidden bays.

4. A mountainous central zone (great for hiking), marshes, forests, lots of coast…

5. Wildlife, including a seagull species I have never spotted before (yes, I am a biologist, so these things DO matter to me!), large mammals both on the land and in the sea, and several turtle species.

6. Great Italian food and some interesting local specialities such as goat stew, roasted pig, flat bread soaked in bouillon (stock) with sauce and Pecorino cheese, different types of cheese and great wine.

I am so glad my little Febe doesn’t mind running / being carried around in ancient cities or ruins.

Here she is in Orange, enjoying the Roman architecture:

Febe @ Orange (France)

And here she is having fun in Arles:

Febe @ Arles (France)

And I really hope I can find one of those land turtles to show her: she will LOVE it!

Febe loves turtles (and grandad…)

Just wanted to share this with you… ;-)



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