Priorities in life

A couple of years ago, we bought a lovely house. Semi-detached, quiet neighbourhood, cows and a river nearby. A bit of holiday when we get back from work…
Since it’s not a new place, not everything that came with the house fits our taste. So we decided to renew some things. First up: our garden terrace. We love being outside, and so we couldn’t stand the dreadfull white and pink combination, with two different stones to look at each day.
So, we went out and looked around. First we wanted wood. Too expensive. Then we settled for a really nice set of stones. But it still came out too expensive. So we decided to divide the existing terrace in half.
A compromise. One I’m happy about. But still… I find it expensive. Weirdly enough, I’d have no problem at all giving the exact same (huge) pile of euros for travelling. A trip, that would last a week or three. While this pile of stones will last a lifetime. Puts things in perspective. And shows perfectly where my priorities lie.

The world is like a book. It would be pointless to read only one page.



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