London: it never bored me…

OK, so the New York Times came up with a list of must-sees in 2012. London is one of the 9 destinations we already visited. That is: I visited it a few times and Annick did too, but never together… (sad smiley)

When I was a teenager, I used to listen to classical music all the time (currently, it’s almost 100% metal music for me (yeah!), so classical music only seldomly reaches my CD-player these days. Not that I don’t like it anymore, but the need to listen to it isn’t there…) and my interest in science (I’m a marine biologist…) was already showing. Obviously, my parents wanted to encourage this (I admit, I was what you could call a nerd at that time, but that never bothered me…), so the three of us went to visit London several times, in order to attend a number of top-class classical concerts (including Shostakovich’s 1st and 2nd Symphonies, lead by the cellist Mstislav Rostropovich himself. That was what I would call a lifetime highlight). In addition, we also visited the science-oriented musea of London (Natural History, British, Geological… Skipped the Science Museum though: physics didn’t interest me that much).

Obviously, this wasn’t all. These 2-3-day trips were tight-scheduled, hyperactive occasions, fully packed with visits to a number of other musea (including the free-of-charge National Gallery), monuments (Nelson’s willy) and buildings (St-Paul’s tittie and the like) (info: aforementioned peculiar references to well-known London monuments were taken from Not the nine o’clock News). When the sun was down, it was time for us to go and attend concerts, musicals (Les Miserables is a MUST-SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) or the occasional theatre (The Mousetrap). The last day traditionally took us to the shopping streets of London in order to empty our wallets and pockets in Foyles, HMV and Harrods. Needless to say that we were rather exhausted afterwards (sea-sickness on the ferry did not really help…).


Although from the above you might think that I didn’t really like these short trips, but that’s not the case: I loved them! This is my way of travelling: sight-seeing until you’ve seen it all or until you drop dead. This does NOT mean I didn’t give myself the time to enjoy the occasion.

This also sums up London for me: LOTS to see and LOTS to do, both day and night. Maybe it’s not the most esthetical city of them all, but you’ll never be bored here.


- Me, colourful with Westminster Abbey -


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