According to the NY Times…

… there are 45 places in the world you MUST see in 2012. Now, travelling 45 places in one year seems a bit much to me, but the list did draw my attention last week. I scrolled through it and discovered Maarten & I visited 9 out of 45 listed.

For the record, you can visit the complete list here, and find out why the NY Times thinks you should go. Here we’ll tell you why we think you should.

First stop, Helsinki – Finland. Those of you who follow our Twitter will have seen quite a few pictures of Finland pass by last weekend. That is because I get completely lyrical when it comes to Finland.

Wild camping

Wild camping

Wild camping is the first reason why. In Northern Europe, you get to camp where you want. No fuss about finding a spot on an overcrowded campsite, no, you can just put your tent out in the wild. The only rule is to check if you’re not on private property, by which they mean you have to stay away about 300 m from the nearest house. And you cannot camp on a parking lot besides a motorway. Why anybody would want to, considering the magnificent spots you can find out there, is beyond my imagination. Other than those basic rules: go for it. I did. And loved it!

The view from our tent that day.

The view from our tent that day

But wild camping isn’t the only reason why you should travel to Finland. It’s the nature. The vast empty lands, where you can actually stroll for two days and come accross nobody – the occasional reindeer not counted ;-) It’s the endless sunsets at night on midsummerdays. It’s the kindness of it’s people. And somewhere down south, it’s also Helsinki. We’ll take you through some picture highlights.

Rovaniemi - arctic circle.

Rovaniemi – arctic circle.

Hiking in Urho Kekkonen National Park - searching for bears

Hiking in Urho Kekkonen National Park – searching for bears

Urho Kekkonen National Park

Urho Kekkonen National Park

Midsummernight - Inari Lake

Midsummernight – Inari Lake

Kuusamo - campsite

Kuusamo – campsite





Midsummernight - Koli

Midsummernight – Koli



Kerimäki Church - worlds largest wooden church

Kerimäki Church – worlds largest wooden church





To me, Helsinki is just a good excuse to get into this fabulous country.



6 thoughts on “According to the NY Times…

  1. Wow, Finland has jumped to the top of my to-go list due to meeting so many Finlanders on our current travels. I’ve been so inspired! Now you have confirmed it, camping, bears, reindeer, cobbled streets….get me there soon!

  2. Oh, yes – the language is fantastic. I still remember (not sure about the spelling though): Leipa – which means bread, and Kyutakongäss – which is rapid or waterfall in a river, kongäss meaning river. And Järvi is lake :-) I was there a while ago (2004 or 2005), so these things do get stuck in your mind :-)

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